Nick Patton

Hi, I’m Nick, and I enjoy stories and projects. My favorite projects involve telling stories, and my favorite way to tell a story is through a picture book.

Why picture books?

Several reasons:

1. A great picture book story is universal. You can enjoy it as a five-year-old or a 55-year-old. 

2. Creating a picture book story is universal as well. A five-year-old can draw sequential art, and so can that 55-year-old. The professional might use fancier tools, but the construction is accessible to all.

3. It’s a project that doesn’t need a large team or capital to create. I can go from idea to writing to sketching before I have to start selling the story to anyone.


Why story projects?

Stories surround us. We, humans, are all swimming in a sea of stories. Who we think we are is a story. Our societies and our cultures are stories. Money is the most powerful story we tell each other. So making and studying stories helps me understand myself and the world around me.

I also like the thought that I’m a part of this big rock, circling a star, hurdling through space, and my stories are a way of expressing my experiences on this rock.


Are you part of a big rock, circling a star, hurdling through space?

We should compare notes! Reach out to me at nick@nickpatton.com, sign-up for my picturebooking podcast newsletter, and follow me on Instagram and Twitter.