Nick Patton

Nick Patton isn’t the most exciting person in the world. His passions include personal finance, vacuuming and writing in the third person.

You might find it odd that such a person would illustrate fruit with and without pants.

“It brings me joy,” Patton said without cracking a smile. “The stories I tell myself and others can be overly dramatic. I can quickly lose sight of my youthful audience. But then I imagine my characters as walking, talking, pants-sometimes-wearing fruit, and I remember that kids don’t care about personal finance.”

Patton is a full-time senior graphic designer at St. Norbert College. This job allows him the freedom to create what he likes without having to hang his financial future on the whims of illustrating produce.

He has published over 150 picturebooking podcast episodes and two picture books. He won the prestigious Mead Library’s 2019 Peeps Diorama Contest and a handful of awards for his college admissions and athletics designs.

He lives in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, with two (soon-to-be three) kids and one wife.